Dave Chappelle to Require Negative Coronavirus Test Results at His Upcoming Shows

Dave Chappelle has some stand-up shows booked and is requiring all guests to provide a negative [...]

Dave Chappelle has some stand-up shows booked and is requiring all guests to provide a negative coronavirus test to be allowed entry. According to Fox News, the 47-year-old comedian is heading to Connecticut for the upcoming shows, which will be held at the Foxwoods' Grand Theater in June, but anyone who tests positive will not be allowed into the venue. However, they will still be given a full refund. Vaccinated attendees are not exempt, as they too will be required to provide a negative Covid-19 test result.

The show will also be socially distanced, and audience members will still be required to wear a mask. Furthermore, no cameras, phones, or video recording of any kind will be allowed, per Chappelle's typical rules for attending his stand-up shows. Notably, Chappelle tested positive for COVID-19 in January. A representative for the comedian, Carla Sims, told news outlets that he was asymptomatic. At the time, Chappelle canceled his scheduled dates in Texas. He had been doing socially distant and masked shows in Ohio, his home state, but had moved them to Austin, Texas in the winter.

In February, Chappelle released a mini-special titled Redemption Song, wherein he spoke about a number of things in his life over the past several months, including his coronavirus diagnosis. "When a hero stumbles, well, the cowards rejoice," he said, referring to the idea that "cowards" criticized him for holding stand-up shows and traveling during the ongoing pandemic. He commented on the notion that live shows were said to not be able to return until sometime in 2022, exclaiming, "There's no f—ing way I can wait that long."

Chappelle said that he "tried" to make things safe, but ultimately, "after all these months and after doing all these shows," his "number was up and then I had the 'rona!'" Further criticizing those who predicted this eventuality, Chappelle said, "Cowards rejoice at a time like this because they're so invested in being afraid." He stated that the "overwhelming majority" of those who responded where well-wishers, but added that a portion were "cowards" who said, "You see that, Dave Chappelle? That's why we stay inside where it's safe and we never try anything." He concluded his take on the situation by saying, "Well, enjoy yourselves, motherf—ers, because I'm better now!"