Courtney Stodden Breaks Down in Tears on Instagram

Courtney Stodden continues to bare her soul on Instagram, posting a tearful video, thanking her fans for their support.

Being a sensitive soul and allowing yourself to love is fucking hard

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"I love you guys and I really just want people to know that, like, this isn't attention seeking at all," Stodden said. "This is real s--t and what I really feel like. I give so much of myself away to people and then I allow them to come and like abuse it.

"So I have to learn how to stand on my own two feet," she continued as she turned a corner. "I just want people to know that it's important to know that."

At the end of the clip, she told her fans again that she "loves" them so much and wanted to show the "ups and downs of my life."

She continued, "It is up and down and that is real. It's not all like sexy and beautiful and perfect and happy."

"Being a sensitive soul and allowing yourself to love is f------g hard," she wrote in the caption.

After she got home, Stodden posted another video, captioned, "It's not all beautiful ... life. I hate social media being a platform for false illusions."

In this one, Stodden said she thinks she tries too hard to "fight for things and believe in people."

On Dec. 29, Stodden posted a photo of her hair, promising to release a "super raw and real" collection of songs. "Everyone speaks for me ... I just need time ... space ... love ... and understanding. Allow me to grow as an independent woman ... learn who I am and what I like. But be there if I need a hand to hold," she wrote.

In recent weeks, Stodden has been opening up about her battle with depression. It began late last month, when the 23-year-old posted a photo of herself crying, with the word "Devastated" in the caption. On Dec. 17, she posted a mysterious black and white photo that included the text, "Depression is hard to kick."

Last week, Stodden told Radar Online that she has been "victimized" by "very powerful men in Hollywood," but declined to elaborate. She said she has been dealing with bullies her entire life.


Stodden gained fame when she married actor Doug Hutchison when she was only 16 years old. The couple is legally separated.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Courtney Stodden