Corinne Foxx Recalls the 'Embarrassing' Time Her Dad Jamie Foxx Intimidated Her Boyfriend (Exclusive)

She'll always be daddy's little girl. Corinne Foxx and her father Jamie Foxx have an incredibly close relationship, and while the public recognizes Jamie as an actor and singer, he's still her father first at the end of the day. He may have graced the cover of GQ and walked many red carpets with thousands of fans eager to get a glimpse, but that doesn't excuse him from embarrassing his daughter from time to time.

During an exclusive interview with for her FOX game show Beat Shazam, Foxx recalled the day her father showed up at her high school boyfriend's house to intimidate him a bit — Bad Boys style. While the moment was embarrassing, Foxx laughs looking back because he's just a big "teddy bear" at heart. "I mean, it's every day, so it's really tough to narrow it down to one," she joked when asked to recall a time her father embarrassed her. "He was pretty hard on my first couple of boyfriends. Like, he was really wanting to play that angry, scary dad role, and like I said, he's a teddy bear, so it was all an act, but he definitely scared away a lot of boys."

Foxx goes on to share the time he showed up at her high school boyfriend's front door with "all his big, scary friends." She states of the moment, "[He] was like, 'You better not mess up with my daughter,'" she said before adding how it was an "embarrassing" moment because there were already added pressures from being in high school and dating in general. While the 53-year-old has made her roll her eyes more than once much like any typical parent relationship, she actually really enjoys spending time with her dad. In fact, the two have been working together on their new Netflix series called Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, which is based on actual embarrassing moments the two have shared over the years, and it quickly climbed to No. 1 on the streaming platform. While Foxx plays the role of Brian Dixon, his daughter was behind the scenes as the series' producer, and technically her father's boss.

"Yes, I was his boss and it was fun to have the tables turned," she said with a smile on her face. Foxx made sure to note that she and her dad "creatively just click and understand each other" so it worked out really well to have that dynamic on set. "He really believes in me and my little sister [Annalise Bishop], and so he fully trusted me with a lot of big decisions and would refer to me. It was like, 'If Corinne said it, I'll do it.' And I was like, 'Wow.' So that's the key dads, just do whatever your daughter says," she joked.


The father-daughter duo also work on Beat Shazam together and Foxx says she thoroughly enjoys working "with family" and being able to see her dad all the time on set and having her aunt do hair for the show is a "blessing." It's obvious that Foxx and her father have a very tight relationship and growing up in Hollywood, now getting involved in the entertainment industry, the 27-year-old says it's been great to have her father to lean on when seeking advice on how to navigate the industry.