Corinne Foxx Shares Dad Jamie Foxx's Advice About Hollywood (Exclusive)

Corinne Foxx may have grown up in Hollywood having a famous father like Jamie Foxx, but he's made sure to remind her that it's not "real life." By the time college rolled around for Foxx, she was dead set on not being involved in the entertainment industry. But after graduating and getting a job in advertising, she made the decision to follow in her dad's footsteps. In an interview with, the 27-year-old recalled the advice her dad has shared with her over the years and the encouragement he continuously feeds her and her little sister, Annalise Bishop.

"I grew up in Hollywood — kind of, sort of — but my dad always was like, 'This isn't real life. This, Hollywood, and the glitz and glam, these aren't real people. This isn't real life," the Beat Shazam DJ said. "And so, I feel like I've taken that advice, and I've brought it into my own career. I'm like, you know what's really important is my family and my friends. And all these other, political things, that are going on in the industry? Leave that at work, and when you come home, you're just your regular old self."

Over the years, the actor and singer has become known for bringing his daughters to red carpet events as his date, making it known they are an incredibly close family. Foxx says her father thinks the world of them and makes sure they know it. "Yea, no, we really are," she clarified when asked if they really are as close as they seem to the public. "And my dad, he thinks of me — and I have a younger sister who's 12 — he thinks of us as his world, and he really tells us that."

The added pressures of being a daughter to someone who's in the public eye fell hard on her shoulders for the longest time. Foxx said she felt the pressure from people to go into the industry simply because of who her dad was. When she was a child, she loved to perform, but ultimately decided to take a different path. After graduating from the University of Southern California, she took a job in advertising in New York, but it didn't take long for her to realize that her true passion was elsewhere. It's no secret the entertainment industry is a tough one to break into and to stay in, however, the young actress and producer felt well-equipped to take it head-on thanks to her dad's expertise.

"And I feel like I have the confidence to enter this industry, which is a really hard industry, and there's a lot of rejection, and this and that, and I feel so confident because I can hear my dad's voice in my head, and he's just like, 'You're amazing,' and blah blah blah. He literally looks at us and just will start crying. And he cries a lot; he is a crier, this man," she shared.


Now that she's all-in, she's had the pleasure of working alongside her father on a number of projects. The two currently host Beat Shazam together, and their new Netflix series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! — which is based on real-life embarrassing moments the two have shared together — went No. 1 on Netflix. Foxx says it's a "blessing" to be able to work with her family and enjoys their dynamic because the two just click so well creatively.