Corey Haim’s Mother Calls Corey Feldman a 'Scam Artist' Over Pedophilia Claims

Corey Feldman has been drumming up support for a crowd-funded documentary aimed to expose pedophilia in Hollywood. One of his driving factors was the incidents of pedophilia he and fellow child star, the late Corey Haim, experienced in their youth.

Now Haim's mother, Judy Haim, has spoken out and attempted to discredit Feldman and his reasoning for coming forward with the documentary plans. She thinks his plans don't have substance, and that he's only doing all this to push the narrative past his recent drug arrest.

"He's been talking about revealing the names of his and other abusers for seven years, since my son died," Judy told The Hollywood Reporter."Now he wants $10 million to do it? Come on. It's a long con. He's a scam artist. If he was serious about this, he'd share the information he has with the police."

She also believes her son was not exposed to the widespread sexual abuse Feldman claimed the late Corey was. She says there was one isolated molestation incident with an unnamed man.

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She says her son's experience mirrored what many young actors unfortunately face. However, she believes there is no widespread pedophilia racket going on in the industry, as Feldman claims.

"It's disrespectful to sexual assault survivors and their loved ones in and out of the industry to get their hopes up about uncovering a massive conspiracy, because he will not name names — ever," Judy said. "And if these people really are out there, and potentially [still] a danger, why wouldn't he want to name them right now?"

Feldman has already responded to Judy's interview with a series of heated tweets.

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"She has been creating distraction and diversions since her son's death, two shun away the feelings of true guilt she must bare," Feldman wrote. "God see all! There is no hiding when judgment day arrives. The truth's being revealed! The flood gates have opened and nothing can stop it."


"But you will see the dark soul clamoring two to silence and discredit me. Only God can show you in your hearts what the truth is. Not about money. Never was!"