Corey Feldman Stabbing: Hospital Tests Results Released

Corey Feldman has been given a clean bill of health from doctors after his alleged stabbing attack by a group of men.

Jeff V., Feldman's body guard who was with the actor at the time of the reported attack, has told TMZ that all tests that the hospital ran on Feldman following the attack came back negative for any hard drugs or infectious diseases. Hospital staff reportedly drew blood from Feldman and took urine samples.

The 46-year-old former child star took to Twitter on Wednesday to claim that he had been stabbed by a needle or a knife by a man allegedly seeking "revenge" late Tuesday night. According to a later account of the attack, he had been driving home from dinner with his security guard when a car driving erratically followed them off of the highway.

"Somebody gets out of the passenger's side when they're right next to me. He comes over, and I lock my door. He goes to pull the handle, it doesn't work. Then all of the sudden he pulls it again with like extra strength and the door flies open. He just lunges in. He's got a weapon in his hand. He stabs at me one time. I pull back as far as I can, pull the door closed with me, lock it. I got out of there. That's it," Feldman said.

Following the alleged attack, Feldman filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department, who, according to The Blast, are investigating the incident as an assault with a deadly weapon.


Law enforcement sources have stated that doctors were unable to find anything unusual from the scratch on Feldman's abdomen and that police were unable to track down any surveillance video of the incident. Sources also claimed that swabs taken from Feldman's car for potential DNA have yielded zero leads.