Comic Rip Micheals Claims Wife Left Him During Heart Attack Hospitalization

The 'Wild N' Out' alum was shocked by the exit.

New York City comedian Rip Michaels revealed that his now-ex-wife left him during his recovery from a severe heart situation that was leading to a heart attack. According to the New York Daily News, Michaels reveal the shocking split during an appearance on Way Up With Angela Yee with IHeartRadio.

According to the Daily News, the Wild 'N Out star was hospitalized with congestive heart failure back in November. He said he became close to his daughter at the time, but the same can't be said for his wife, Veronica.

"My wife left me while I was in the hospital," he says. "I guess when it says, 'til death do us part,' she's a go-getter. She don't like to procrastinate. So she was out.

"I guess when it said I was in ICU, she was like, 'I see you later,'" he added, jokingly. He had been married to Veronica for two years at the time of his hospitalization. While the end of the marriage was a shock, it did make some aspects of life clearer for the comedian.

"You know what it does? It lets you know that certain people can't handle things and certain people are supposed to be with you for certain parts of your life," he added. "I realized that it was hard to cope with because, honestly, when I was sitting there and I went from just right regular hospital bed to CCU and had the non-stop doctors about me, I really thought it was over."