Ciara Slams Homophobic Commenter's Remark About Her Taylor Swift Cameo

Taylor Swift's music video for new single "You Need to Calm Down" premiered this week and featured a host of celebrity cameos, including an appearance from singer Ciara.

Ciara appeared in the clip as a wedding officiant marrying Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his real-life husband, Justin Mikita, sharing a quick video of her turn on Instagram after the video's premiere.

"@JesseTyler @JustinMikita. Wedding is Lit," she wrote. "#Equality #YNTCDmusicvideo."

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@JesseTyler @JustinMikita. Wedding is Lit 🔥❤️ #Equality #YNTCDmusicvideo

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While many of Ciara's followers shared her enthusiasm for the video, one commented, "Ciara. You shouldn't be doing this. We respect u too much, Being at a gay wedding is one thing and joining them together is even more a greater sin. We love you but this is wrong."

Responding to the comment, Ciara expertly referenced Swift's song and wrote, "Firstly, Christians don't judge. Secondly, #YouNeedToCalmDown."

The "Thinkin Bout You" singer had plenty of fans who shared her feelings on the matter, with many of them jumping into the comments section themselves to put down negativity.

"For those of you grabbing at the straws of Christianity, please remember to live and let live," one person wrote. "We will all face our judgment. Carry on with your day, if you have nothing positive to say."

"We out here mad judging [people] that sin differently from us while we tuck our own skeletons neatly in the closet," a second comment read. "The Bible asked us to also love each other. It warned us not to judge let God pass judgement all u high priest in the comments section."

A third added, "Y'all judging her but let's see what the Bible says about that and all sins are equal periodt."

Other famous faces in Swift's video include Ellen DeGeneres, Laverne Cox, Ryan Reynolds, Adam Rippon, Hayley Kiyoko, Todrick Hall, the cast of Queer Eye, Billy Porter, Adam Lambert, Hannah Hart and more.

The clip was set in a colorful trailer park, which Swift nicknamed "The Taylor Park," and featured residents lounging outside and participating in activities like archery, painting, tea parties and burning down your trailer, in Swift's case.


After Ferguson and Mikita's wedding is interrupted by protestors, a food fight breaks out, and the video ends with Swift, dressed as French fries, hugging Katy Perry, who was dressed as a hamburger.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ciara