Chrissy Teigen Rips Man Who Snapped Photos of Her Nursing in Car

If there's one celebrity who's not afraid to clap back at unwanted attention, it's Chrissy Teigen. [...]

If there's one celebrity who's not afraid to clap back at unwanted attention, it's Chrissy Teigen. The model and mom of two tweeted at a photographer who she says took her photo while she was breastfeeding behind the tinted windows of her car.

"To the man who took photos into our car as I was topless and pumping you can go f— yourself if you sell them," she wrote in a since-deleted tweet, according to a report from Entertainment Tonight reported. "If I wanted to show you my salami nipples I'd show you my salami nipples on my own doing!"

Teigen's tweets about the photographer were up for several hours before she deleted them. She did, however, keep up her responses to those commenting on the situation. She explained the situation to one responder who asked her to share a breastfeeding photo for all the nursing moms out there.

"Oh I am definitely happy to! It's most of my day," Teigen wrote. "[It's] just so creepy to be sitting in a car, dark out, and see flashes and a dude."

While Teigen frequently shares her own photos of breastfeeding her children, she said she draws the line when her personal space is invaded by others. When a Twitter user suggested she shouldn't "be upset about it" because it was "in plain view of the public," Teigen popped off.

"Then get tinted windows, it wasn't in her garage. It's still out in plain view of the public so it makes no sense to even be upset about it," the Twitter user wrote.

"Yes jerry. Die on this hill. This is what you should stand up for. A man's right to shoot his camera into my (tinted) car. This is a great cause," Teigen wrote.

Teigen frequently faces backlash from mom shamers when it comes to her posts with or about her children. In one image with her and John Legend's daughter Luna, 2, and son Miles, 6 weeks, she joked about the picture-perfect image.

(Photo: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen)

"Should I post the one where his head looks unsupported but my face looks good and Luna is over it, the one where his head is supported but my face is just okay and Luna is over it, or him crying and my face looks okay and Luna is over it?" she wondered.

Mom shamers were quick to criticize Teigen in the comments of the post, with one user writing, "He doesn't look to [sic] happy with the sun in his eyes." Teigen clapped back, "He told me he loves it."

Legend told E! News three years ago that he is "very entertained" by Teigen's social media antics. "I'm very accustomed to what she's saying on Twitter. I'm very entertained by it," the "Good Night" singer said at the time. "I love it. I'm her biggest fan."