Chris D'Elia Sued by Alleged Victim for Child Sexual Exploitation, Child Pornography

An alleged victim is suing comedian and actor Chris D'Elia for Child Sexual Exploitation and Child [...]

An alleged victim is suing comedian and actor Chris D'Elia for Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Pornography, further claiming when she told him her age, 17, he responded it was "hot." According to TMZ, the comedian denies the allegations. D'Eila has been making headlines since the accusations were made public, and after months of silence, he recently shared his thoughts on the matter.

The woman who is suing is not doing so because the two allegedly had sex when they met in Connecticut — which the age of consent there is 16 years old — she's doing so for purportedly violating federal child sexual exploitation and child pornography laws. The outlet obtained documents that claim the two started communicating via social media in 2014 when she was 17 years old. It then states that he started demanding nudes, and when they met months later, he invited her back to his hotel room before one of his shows, and that's when they had sex.

The victim also claims that he demanded eye contact while they were having sex, and when she said she was still in high school, he said that was "hot." The 40-year-old recently broke his silence, also announcing he had become a father. He took to YouTube to share a nine-minute video explaining where his head has been at and apologized to the women he had sex with.

In the lengthy bit, he noted that sex controlled his life, and he felt as if several men in his position as comedians were doing the same thing, so he would tell himself lies that it was okay. What he realized was that he lost control and let fame be an excuse for his actions. However, after confessing to doing months of work, he still stands by his statement that all sexual acts were "legal and consensual," saying that's the "truth."

While the comedian has addressed the sensitive topic, he also announced he recently became a father. Taking to social media, D'Elia captioned a video of his son being told to say "dada" with, "This just happened. What a feeling. I [heart emoji] my boy," he wrote. The video shows his son trying to mumble the words "dada" as he's holding himself up next to a table. Despite the heat he's catching for the allegations, plenty of fans and followers still flooded the comment section to show their love for him becoming a dad. In his video, he also mentioned that he wants to set a better example for his son now that he's a father.