Chelsea Handler Rings in 47th Birthday With Boyfriend Jo Koy and Topless Skiing

Chelsea Handler celebrated her 47th birthday in the typically Chelsea Handler way: doing the most. The comedian shared a video on her Instagram of herself skiing in nothing but turquoise bikini bottoms, with a joint in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Canadian and American flags were digitally added over her nipples to beat the Instagram guidelines. 

Handler also wore a Philippines flag with "KOY" written across the back as a tribute to her boyfriend, comedian Jo Koy. "47 [blue heart emoji]," Handler captioned the video. "Doing all the things I love with the man I love." Koy can be briefly seen in the video following Handler on a snowmobile, also shirtless.

Handler and Koy have run in the same circles for their entire careers, and they have been on TV together for over a decade. However, Handler's tumultuous dating life is well-known to fans, so for much of that time, she and Koy must have been friends only. It wasn't until Sept.27, 2021, that they made things official with an Instagram post revealing that they are dating. Since then, fans have been dying for more gossip.

Fans learned of Handler and Koy's romance on Sept. 27, 2021 in an Instagram post Handler made. It had two pictures – one where Koy took a selfie while Handler wrapped her arms around his shoulders and another where they were kissing on a dark city street. The first photo showed a ring on Handler's finger which got some fans excited, but it was clearly her right hand.

"He's on tour, I'm on tour, sometimes we tour together," Handler captioned the post. She added the hashtags "vaccinated and horny" and "funny is funny" – the names of their respective tours. Koy shared this post on his Instagram Story.

Since then, Koy and Handler have been relatively open about their relationship on social media. Many of Koy's recent posts feature himself and Handler together with public displays of affection around every corner. Likewise, Handler has shared lots of photos and videos with Handler and created some memorable gags with him online in recent months.

Early on, Koy and Handler's couple posts mostly concerned their complimentary comedy tours since they were both on the road at the same time. It wasn't until late December when they began to share glimpses of themselves as a regular couple in their downtime.