Charlie Sheen's Girlfriend's Take On Him Being HIV Positive

Earlier this month, Charlie Sheen revealed to the world that he was in a new relationship with Julia Stambler, who he refers to as "Jules." In 2015, the actor revealed he was HIV positive, but that's not something Stambler concerns herself with.

Throughout the '80s and '90s, the stigma around HIV was much stronger, as medications couldn't do much to stave off the virus, virtually ensuring a death sentence. Thankfully, advances in medicine and protection can keep the virus from spreading further, something Stambler is very aware of and thankful for.

A source close to the couple revealed to TMZ that the anti-viral medications he has been taking have resulted in the virus being in such stagnation that the levels are "undetectable."

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The source also revealed that, sadly, the cultural stigma of the virus does in fact still loom today, as people close to Julia have tried to get her to steer clear of the actor. Julia is far less prone to fall for preconceived notions and knows the reality of the situation, perceiving those people who warn her to steer clear of Sheen as ignorant and living in the past.

If the low levels of the virus weren't enough, there are also protective contraceptive measures to help ensure she doesn't contract the virus.

Sheen has gained a reputation over the last few decades for his hard-partying lifestyle, one that Julia believes he has left behind. The actor has reportedly been clean of drugs and alcohol for a year and has embraced a highly regimented clean-living lifestyle, if for no reason other than to fight the virus.

As if trusting Sheen at his word wasn't enough, one of the medications Charlie takes to combat HIV requires regular drug testing, which he passes without a problem.

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Despite the ups and downs of Sheen's career, the last few have been particularly tumultuous for the actor.

Having starred in the massively successful sitcom Two And A Half Men for years, his frustrations with the project ended up bubbling to the surface, publicly revealing his issues with the minds behind the show. Shortly after, Sheen and the sitcom parted ways.


Without having a strict sitcom schedule, Sheen could embrace his more wild side, often seen partying with drugs and alcohol while dating adult film stars.

The revelation that he had HIV changed his life, saying, "When I was first diagnosed, I knew it wasn't a death sentence but it was just a giant frickin' bummer." He added, "I accept the gift of being alive. I could run and hide from this whole thing and not be outspoken and honest and open about it, but I've chosen a path that's the opposite."