Cardi B Drags Fox News' Tomi Lahren Over Political Insult

Cardi B and Fox News host Tomi Lahren exchanged heated words on Twitter this weekend, and the "Bodak Yellow" rapper was not in the mood.

Cardi B does not always focus on politics, but as the government shut down carries on, she made an exception last week. The rapper's blunt video about the federal workers going without paychecks went viral on Wednesday, with Democratic lawmakers debating whether or not to retweet it. Before long, the short rant took over a news cycle, and caught the attention of Lahren. Never one to miss a viral moment, Lahren lashed out at Cardi B, tagging her in a tweet.

"Looks like [Cardi B] is the latest genius political mind to endorse the Democrats," she wrote. "HA! Keep it up, guys! #MAGA2020."

Cardi posted her response at nearly four in the morning. She was in the hospital dealing with a serious allergic reaction at the time, judging by her Instagram Story, and she did not mince words with the political commentator.

"Leave me alone I will dog walk you," she wrote, indicating that she would beat Lahren up.

"I'm sure you would," Lahren shot back. "Still doesn't make your political ramblings any less moronic. #BuildThatWall."

Later in the morning, Cardi gave a longer response. She denounced Lahren as a racist, though whether that was for her support of the border wall or her suggestion that Cardi was unintelligent was unclear.

"You're so blinded with racism that you don't even realize the decisions the president you root for is destroying the country you claim to love so much," the rapper tweeted. "You are a perfect example on no matter how educated or smart you think you are you still a SHEEP!"

The whole exchange became a sensation on social media, with many fans responding to both women. Many were excited to see the confrontation, as both Cardi and Lahren are known for their cutting wit. However, some advised Lahren to do more research before going after Cardi B for being apolitical. Others suggested that Cardi B was giving Lahren exactly what she wanted by engaging with her, and that the Fox News host was simply piggy-backing on the rapper's clout.

Cardi B has always had a political streak, both in her public statements and her early music. When her first big hit, "Bodak Yellow" began circulating, some fans gave her the nickname "Comrade Cardi," suggesting that there were socialist themes in her lyrics. She was among the artists to turn down the Super Bowl halftime show out of solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, and last April, she gave an interview with GQ where she discussed her love for political science and American history.


Lahren still has yet to respond to Cardi B's latest tweet at the time of this writing.