Brooke Shields Flaunts Her Killer Bikini Body at 52

While Brooke Shields enjoys the sun and sand on her tropical vacation, she gifted fans the ultimate souvenir — an unfiltered shot of her killer bikini body.

The 52-year-old actress posted on Sunday a pair of flirty photos of herself in a black-and-white bikini posing on a staircase leading to the beach.

"Bikini life in paradise," she captioned the photos showing off her front and backside in the revealing two-piece.

(Photo: Instagram / @brookeshields)

Shields has been soaking up the sun over the past few days, going for pool swims and riding through the waves in the sparkling ocean.

Fans flooded the comments section with messages of praise for The Blue Lagoon actress, who has been candid about her health and weight loss journey in recent years.

(Photo: Instagram / @brookeshields)

"Did you find the fountain of youth?" a follower asked. Another praised her as "Queen of all sexy beauties."

"Wow incredible gorgeous body!" another fan gushed. :Your body looks very tight!"

Shields has shared several candid bikini shots of herself in the past year, beginning when she posted a photo of her abs alongside a message about the "hard work" she has put in.

(Photo: Instagram / @brookeshields)

"The hard work is starting to pay off," she captioned the photo about her health and fitness journey.

While she told Healthy Living magazine that there's no trick to being healthy, she did reveal that two of her favorite exercises to drop weight are spinning and yoga.

"Spinning is the only way I ever lose weight," she told Shape. "It's purely about keeping my heart rate up and burning calories."

"I don't lift weights," she said to Fitness magazine. "It's easy for me to bulk up. I keep my muscles toned by doing yoga."

When it comes to her diet, Shields relies on drinking a lot of water, and says that carbs are the first thing she reaches for when she wants to drop a couple pounds. The actress also said it is important not to deny yourself your favorite indulgences to make sure your plan doesn't backfire, leading to overeating.

"I try not to deny myself, because if I do, it turns into this major internal battle," she said. "So I pop a couple of Dove Miniatures. I can satisfy myself without going overboard."

But while Shields is putting in work for her enviable body, the model and actress told Page Six she hopes to be known for more than just her looks.


"I have been told that I am a beauty icon. But if I did not have a degree and honors from Princeton I probably would question a little bit of it," she said. "But the fact that I have my degree, no one can challenge my knowledge."

Shields has recently merged her status as a beauty and fashion icon with her brains, creating a Brooke Shields Timeless clothing collection for QVC.