Britney Spears Shows off Neck Tattoo Fans 'Never See'

Britney Spears recently showed off her new neck tattoo and fans are clapping for it. While it's no secret that the singer is no stranger to tattoos, fans weren't aware of this one. In a recent Instagram photo, the 39-year-old posed in a pink one-piece bathing suit while lifting up her hair as she showed off the ink.

I her caption, Spears revealed not only the tattoo she has hidden underneath her hair, but she gave her fans a description of what it was and what it means. "Hot pink makes my tan pop!!!! Have you seen the tattoo on the back of my neck before ???? It's Hebrew, it's a language written backwards !!! It says Mem Hey Shin means healing !!!! Its' my favorite tattoo but ironically you never see it !!!!" she wrote alongside the photo.

Naturally, fans flooded the comment section to share their thoughts. While she did have several make a comment about her tattoo, others worried she's not been protecting her skin. Since her caption pointed out her tan, several suggested she wear more sunscreen — although it's unclear if she wears it or not. However, that didn't stop fans from sharing their concern. While there was a lot of that, she still had nothing but support from her followers, as they love to see her posts regardless of what they're about.

As Spears prepares to appear virtually in court to represent herself for the first time since her conservatorship started, Louis Walsh, who sat next to the pop singer when she was a judge on The X Factor, revealed that she was on a lot of medication at the time and it made him sad to see. During an interview with the Irish Independent, he said, "I was sitting with Britney for two days, and after every few auditions, she would go ..." while imitating that Spears would slump over on the judge's table because she could hardly hold herself up.


"They would literally have to stop the show and take her out because she was on so much medication and other stuff," he claimed. "I felt sorry for her." He added, "Here she was, the biggest pop star on the planet, and she was just sitting there physically, but she wasn't there mentally." The singer was a judge on The X Factor for four years and snatched $15 million from the gig, and when Walsh was asked if he thought she should have been receiving help overworking, he responded with, "She was getting millions of dollars to do it, so why the f— wouldn't she sit there?"