Britney Spears Hangs out With 'Boys' in Bejeweled Underwear and Tight White Corset

Britney Spears is hanging out with her favorite "boys" and possibly teasing new music on her latest sultry social media post.

The pop icon took to Instagram to tease her fans with a couple of snaps from the "set" of what could be her next music video. In the photos, the singer sports a tight white corset and bejeweled underwear while embracing two shirtless backup dancers.

(Photo: Instagram/Britney Spears)

"It's been way too long since I've seen these boys! Had an amazing time on set," Spears wrote along with winky face, apples and a heel emoji.

The apples could be a nod to the rumor among Britney fans that her upcoming single — reportedly titled "Apple Pie" — could be on its way. The single is rumored to be released in June.

The mother-of-two surprised fans Wednesday when she shared a rare photo of herself with her two sons 12-year-old Sean Preston and 11-year-old Jayden James.

The photos came as reports surfaced of ex-husband Kevin Federline reportedly suing Spears to triple her child support payments, after claiming he makes less that 1 percent of Spears' income.

(Photo: Instagram/Britney Spears)

"We think the reasonable needs for the children while they would be in Kevin's custody is probably three times what he's currently receiving," said celebrity divorce lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, in a statement to PEOPLE.

Kaplan helped Federline file an Income and Expense Declaration request to get a look at Spears' financial documents. They are hoping that an in-depth look at her earnings would help determine a higher child-support payment. A hearing for the case is expected to be held in August.

"We had attempted to see if we could negotiate a voluntary increase in child support over the last several months, and we were not successful," Kaplan added. "We're still hoping to resolve this without judicial intervention, but that's something that is going to be a decision they will make."

Kaplan added that the lower income earning parent in these cases is typically entitled to more child support, even if the numbers look excessive to the average American.

"The standard of living of the children while with the low-income parent... doesn't have to be identical, but it's structured in a way that the child support orders enable the children to enjoy the benefit of the standard of living both parents can provide while they're with both parents," he explained.


"Otherwise, you have a situation where when I go with Mom, I get to pick out what pony I wanna ride that day; when I go with Dad, my high point is mowing the lawn with him."

Spears has not commented on the filing, but a source said she has no idea how her ex spends the money she is already sending him.