'Bosch' Star John Marshall Jones Catches Arson Suspect While Putting Out Fire in Underwear

Actor John Marshall Jones stars as Special Agent Jay Griffin in Amazon's Bosch. As it turns out, he is a hero in real life as well. Jones recently put out a fire at his neighbor's home and then he chased down the alleged arsonist. He did so without even putting on pants.

According to TMZ, Jones was sitting at his home early on Tuesday morning, watching TV. He looked out the window and saw his neighbor's car, front porch and front door on fire. Jones reacted by rushing out the door — sans pants — and then grabbed a garden hose. He put out the flames, but his heroic actions did not end there.

Jones said that he saw a man wearing a ski mask and a heavy jacket run-up to the porch and try to grab something before fleeing the scene. The actor chased him down, wrestled him to the ground and then held him until the police arrived. Meanwhile, the family escaped the home with their family dog.

Authorities confirmed much of Jones' story about the six a.m. fire and the ensuing chase. The police claim that the alleged arsonist started the fire with gasoline. They reportedly found a container in his car and then arrested the suspect for arson with great bodily injury.

When some fans saw the news of Jones' heroic acts, they reacted by expressing excitement about the upcoming season of Bosch. They want to see the actor back in his role of Special Agent Griffin. Although viewers don't know when this will happen.


Back in February, Amazon confirmed that the Bosch will return for its seventh and final season. However, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly derailed the production of shows and films in Hollywood. Fans don't know if the Titus Welliver-helmed series will return on time, but they can hope for new episodes in spring.

The previous seasons of Bosch have premiered in the spring, with the exception of Season 1, which premiered in February 2015. Season 2 aired in March 2016 while Seasons 3-6 all debuted in April of their respective years. April 2021 could bring the return of Bosch and Jones' character, provided he is in the storyline.