'Blue Bloods' Alum Nick Cordero Will Need Leg Amputated After Complications From Coronavirus

Broadway actor Nick Cordero's wife Amanda Kloots revealed on Instagram Saturday the Tony nominee will need his leg amputated as he battles COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus. The 41-year-old Cordero, who appeared in episodes of Blue Bloods and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, has been in an intensive care unit for 18 days. Kloots previously said she feared her husband might never walk again.

"We got some difficult news yesterday," Kloots revealed in a new Instagram Story video, reports PEOPLE. She said the blood thinners used to ease clotting in Cordero's leg caused issues with his blood pressure and internal bleeding in his intestines. "We took him off the blood thinners, but that again was going to cause the clotting in the right leg. So the right leg will be amputated today," she explained.

In an update on Thursday, Kloots explained Cordero's doctors no longer had him connected to an ECMO machine, which helped support his lungs and heart. He still needed to use a ventilator though, and confirmed he was facing complications in his leg. "His right leg is still an issue," Kloots said at the time. "There has been some blood flow issues coming down to his foot."

"The doctor went in there, fixed as much as they possibly could to get blood flow down to his toes again," she continued. "We don't know what the damage will be. We don't know if he'll be able to walk again. We don't know if he can walk again, what that will look like. I think there will definitely be a lot of rehab and definitely a lot of physio in order for that leg to get working again... But the good news is that blood is finally running down to his toes. It has been a very emotional day, a very tiring day. I so appreciate everyone who reaches out to me, I really do."

On April 1, Kloots said her husband was suffering from complications of COVID-19 and was unconscious in an ICU. He tested positive for the coronavirus and his health took a turn for the worse on April 11. At that time, Cordero was showing signs of improvement until his doctors found a new infection in his lung and his fever suddenly spiked. "He lost consciousness, he lost his pulse and they had to resuscitate him. It was very scary. They had a very hard time getting him back," Kloots said. It was at that point that doctors put Cordero on an ECMO machine.


"I know this isn't possible but today is Miracle Day, so why not ask?" Kloots wrote Saturday in an Instagram Story post. "I just wish I could see him. Hold his hand. Touch his face. I do believe this would help him wake up!"

Cordero is best known for his Tony-nominated performance on the stage in Bullets Over Broadway. He also starred in A Bronx Tale, Rock of Ages and Waitress. He appeared in three episodes of Blue Bloods in 2017 and 2018, and two SVU episodes in 2015 and 2019.