Kathy Griffin Unleashes About Bill Cosby Prison Sentence: 'Where He Belongs'

Kathy Griffin recently unleashed about Bill Cosby's prison sentence, saying she thinks he is right "where he belongs."

Following the news that the judge had ruled Cosby to be a "sexually violent predator," the comedienne took to her Twitter account to express her feelings.

YES!!! Thank you to [Andrea Constand] and all the brave survivors (over 60 of them!) for standing up to a man who used to be extremely powerful," she wrote. "Now he will sit in prison where he belongs."

"Bill Cosby can have all the Jello he wants while he rots in prison," she then added, referencing the news that Cosby's first prison meal ironically included pudding.

Griffin previously spoke out on Cosby shortly after sexual assault accusations against the aging comedian began to surface.

When asked about her opinion on the subject by Pride Source, Griffin said, "I'm gonna go with probably guilty because he's probably guilty."

"I don't have a story, but I'm just saying, those types of stories have been circulating as long as I've been in comedy, so frankly I just wish this stuff would've been exposed decades earlier, because I'm gonna go with allegedly probably guilty," she added.

Griffin later opened up to Larry King about her feelings on Cosby, once more reports had come to light, saying that "he seems like a serial rapist."

Notably, Griffin hasn't been the only one to comment on the irony of Cosby being served pudding in jail for his first meal, as many other Twitter users have also addressed the fact.

"They're finally pudding Bill Cosby in jail," one person joked, while someone else asked, "I wonder if Bill Cosby got his pudding cup in the prison mess hall today?"


On Tuesday, Cosby was sentenced in his sexual assault case and will be serving three to 10 years at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.