Anna Faris Reacts to Kurt Russell Mistaking Lookalike for Her

Anna Faris is speaking out after a fan shared the laughable story of the time actor Kurt Russell accidentally mistook her for the Mom actress. The lookalike fan, who goes by Jacey on social media, originally shared the story via the OverheardCelebs Instagram account over the weekend.

According to Jacey, the "honest mistake" occurred several years ago as she was "deplaning a flight" from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Jacey, in the post, explained that she had the run-in with Russell while she was "waiting on the jet bridge for my son’s stroller, and out of the plane walks Kurt Russell." Jacey said that they made eye contact, and to her "total surprise," he flashed "his famous wide grin" and spoke first.

"'I was watching you the whole flight. You're doing a great job!" Jacey recalled Russell telling her. Being an every-day citizen who lives life off both the big and small screen, Jacey was understandably confused, admitting that she was "thinking, 'Kurt Russell was watching me and thinks I'm a good parent?'" Russell must have taken note of her confusion, she said, because he eventually asked, "'You're Anna Faris, right? I was just watching you on Mom!'" Jacey said that at this point she was "dead," shocked that Russell "thinks *I'm* the famous one!" Eventually, Jacey said she blurted out, "'You're Kurt Russell and I'm not famous!'" Thankfully, Russell wasn't too embarrassed by the mishap, and they "had a good laugh about it."

Jacey's story, which included a photo of herself showing just how closely she resembles the actress, drew plenty of responses, with many noting how she is a complete Faris lookalike. One person chimed in, "she does look like Anna Faris," another adding, "Holyyyyy she sure she's not Anna Farris?!"

Eventually, even Faris herself reacted. Responding to the original poster's story, the actress said "I love this." She also offered some kind words and praise, adding, "I bet you are an amazing parent!!" Jacey even responded, writing that Faris' comment "made my day!" At this time, Russell seems to be keeping tightlipped about the humorous mishap and has not publicly addressed it, though it doesn't seem Faris holds any hard feelings over it.