Andy Samberg Says He Burst Into Tears When Golden Globes Co-Host Sandra Oh Won

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh may just be at the forefront of a budding, spectacular friendship, but that didn't stop Samberg from feeling a certain type of way when Oh took home a Golden Globe for her performance in Killing Eve.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star told Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday's Tonight Show that he shed a tear or two for his 2019 Golden Globes co-host when she took home the coveted hardware, despite only knowing her for a few weeks.

"Sandra Oh is the best person on Earth," Samberg said. "We met briefly, we presented at the Emmys, and then we spent the last week and a half working on the Globes, but we didn't know each other that much. But we just sort of liked each other so much from that one experience we decided to go for because they just asked."

Describing Oh, Samberg called her "so warm and magnetic," and that "I fell so into her energy that we were all backstage when she won. They were like, 'Sandra Oh,' and I was like, 'Yeah!' I started crying. I was like, 'She's been working on this for the last four days I've known her!' I gave her boyfriend a big hug and was like, 'We did it!'"

Samberg, 40, admitted that although he enjoyed hosting the awards show with Oh, 47, it was difficult to capture the attention of the crowd.

"The audience is not watching the show," he said of the star-studded invitees, who, on the telecast, could often be heard talking while the co-hosts and presenters spoke on the microphone. "There's two things happening. There's a big awards show happening and right next to it is a really loud restaurant filled with celebrities. They do not care about the show. When we came out for the monologue, you can look at the wide shot, it looks like the battlefield in Game of Thrones or something."

"People are cooking meat over an open fire, throwing spears," he joked, although he seemed disheartened by the audience's lack of interest. "I was like, oh God, none of these nuanced jokes are gonna land."


"One time we came out and nobody was paying attention. I saw somebody on the phone. I kind of tried to be like this, to get people pay attention," Samberg added, demonstrating clapping his hands and widening his eyes, "and the only person in the front row [to pay attention] was [Bohemian Rhapsody star] Rami Malek. I was like, 'I love you!' He's a good dude."

Malek ended up taking home the prize for Best Actor in a Drama for Bohemian Rhapsody, which won Best Motion Picture - Drama on Sunday night, much to the internet's surprise.