Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Take Mystery Shots on CNN's New Year's Eve

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper had to do things differently for New Year's Eve this year. Instead of enjoying a few alcoholic beverages during the broadcast, Cohen and Anderson took mystery shots throughout the night, as PEOPLE noted. Prior to CNN's New Year's Eve celebration, it was reported that the network banned the personalities from drinking on the air. 

Even though they weren't able to drink, Cohen and Cooper still partook in taking a few "shots." However, they were far from your typical shots of tequila or whiskey. The pair put on their "Ramona" glasses so that they couldn't see what was in the shot that they were going to enjoy, which they did at the top of every hour leading up to midnight. Before they had their first shot of the night, Cooper joked, "Honestly, this is no different to me because alcohol, to me, all tastes disgusting."

Their first mystery shot ended up being pickle juice. It hit Cooper especially hard, as he said that he has never had a pickle before, much to Cohen's surprise. Next up, they had a couple of buttermilk shots, which really didn't go over well with the pair. But, that didn't compare to the apple cider vinegar shots that prompted Cooper to wonder if he was drinking "the squeezed juice of a leather shoe." Cohen wasn't the biggest fan of these mystery shots, as he joked after taking the apple cider vinegar, "I need tequila! Honestly!" Their last shot of the night was a bloody mary mix, which went over the best even if there was no vodka involved.

In the weeks leading up to CNN's New Year's Eve celebration, there were reports that the network's anchors would not be drinking alcohol while on the broadcast. Although, Cohen told in November that he and Cooper would still partake in their traditional festivities, as he said, "People thought that I wasn't going to be drinking. I'm like, 'have you met me?' I will be drinking responsibly on New Year's Eve, but I will be leaning into the spirit of the night as I always do." Days before the broadcast, Cohen explained to Page Six that he would be following suit with the network's wishes after all. He told the outlet, "We aren't drinking, but we're going to have a BLAST."