'American Chopper' Star Paul Teutul Sr. Posts 'Sad' Dog Photo and Fans Are Weighing In

American Chopper star Paul Teutul Sr. made an impassioned post about adoption dogs on Instagram this week, and fans had thoughts.

Teutul posted a photo of a large dog on Instagram on Friday — likely a Mastiff or similar breed. The dog was splayed on the dloor looking worn out, with a walking harness on and a chain leash. In the caption, Teutul — a lifelong dog enthusiast — condemned dog owners who turned their faithful friends away later on in life.

"People by [sic] dogs because they think it cool to have them, but when they get big like this they decide they don’t want them anymore, and the dog who didn’t do anything wrong sufferers for it," Teutul wrote. "This is a great dog, I will be looking for a good home for him."

(Photo: Instagram @paulteutulsr)

"SAD!" the reality TV star added.

Many fans agreed with Teutul and echoed his call for dog compassion. Many endorsed the practice of taking in rescue or shelter dogs and condemned anyone who would turn their pet away because of unruly behavior.

"Far as I'm concerned, 'all' dogs are better than 'most' people," on person wrote.

"Sob, I have taken in 5 hunting dogs," added another. "The owner did not want them. The heartbreaking truth no one will want them because they are not pets. So they will live out their lives with me."

Others, knowing Teutul's history as a dog lover, praised him for using his platform to try and help out animals in need. Some even assumed he would end up taking the dog home himself if he could not find a home quickly enough.

"Who are you kidding? That guy is going home [with] you forever now," one fan joked.

"You're a good man Paul," added another.

Many others responded with inquiries about the specific dog in Teutul's post. They asked about his breed and background, and about his location. Some even offered to take him in depending on the transportation situation. Fans as far away as Canada made apparently serious offers to take him in if possible.


Teutul's love of animals is well-known, and has featured heavily on his Instagram feed recently. Earlier this week, he posted a video showing that four baby kittens had taken over his bathtub, and on Saturday morning he posted another clip of himself out on his deck having coffee with his pig, Ms. Peaches.

The impromptu coffee date may have been a farewell, however, as Teutul reportedly sold his upstate New York mansion last month. According to a report by The Blast, he received $1.9 million for the estate, with all of his farm animals included. Teutul has been trying to sell the home for some time now to get himself out of bankruptcy, and now it looks like he is finally in the clear.