Amanda Bynes Reportedly 'Refusing to Cooperate' After Judge Orders Her to Enter Psychiatric Facility

On Monday, it was reported that Amanda Bynes was ordered to enter a psychiatric facility after concerns were raised over her mental health. Now, according to The Blast, Bynes is reportedly "refusing to cooperate" with the order and did not enter the facility over the weekend, which is when she was anticipated to do so. These reports come amidst news that the actor has split from her fiancé Paul Michael nearly three weeks after they announced their engagement.

The Blast reported that Bynes, her parents, and Michael met with the judge in her conservatorship on Thursday and, during that meeting, it was decided that she would go to a psychiatric facility. However, despite she reportedly agreeing to go to the facility, Bynes is now refusing to go.

The publication went on to report that she was anticipated to check into the live-in facility sometime over the weekend, but she did not end up doing so. As of right now, The Blast reported that it is unclear what will now be done in order to make sure that Bynes receives the treatment that she needs. But, if she does not end up attending the facility on her own accord, the publication continued to note that other steps may be taken in order to assure that she is safe.

The Blast's sources claimed that Michael "freaked out" after attending the aforementioned hearing with Bynes and her family and further claimed that he is "freaking out now" after realizing how bad the situation has become.

Bynes and Michael's break-up was reportedly prompted by him not wanting to do anything to get in trouble with the judge or others involved in the case. Additionally, the publication reported that Michael does not want to be the reason behind Bynes' mental health struggle.

On Sunday, it was reported that Bynes and Michael had split, news of which came about three weeks after they initially announced their engagement. In an interview with InTouch Weekly, Michael confirmed that the pair had parted ways. Although, he expressed that he still has nothing but love for his ex.

"I love her though, she's my best friend," he told the outlet.


Bynes previously broke the news about her engagement on Instagram on Valentine's Day, telling her followers that she was engaged to the "love of my life." Bynes has since deleted photos of Michael from her Instagram account, as InTouch Weekly went on to report.

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images