Adam Sandler Pays Tribute to Burt Reynolds: 'A For-Real Badass'

Adam Sandler has taken to social media to pay tribute to iconic actor Burt Reynolds in the wake of his passing, calling him "a for-real bada—."

"Burt Reynolds. True legend. Our hero. Funny as hell and a for-real bada—," Sandler tweeted. "So many great movies. So many great stories."

"Such a great Dad. Will be missed by all," he added. "Deepest condolences to his family."

As has been widely reported, Reynolds passed away on Sept. 6 after suffering a heart attack.

Sandler and Reynolds starred together in a 2005 remake of Reynolds' 1974 film The Longest Yard, about a pro-football player who ends up in jail and has to organize a game between the inmates and the guards.

In the remake, Sandler played Paul "Wrecking" Crewe — the role the Reynolds originated — and Reynolds played Coach Nate Scarborough.

Sandler isn't the only celebrity and fan of Reynolds to share a memorial about the fallen legend, as many others have also been tweeting messages out.

"Burt Reynolds was hip, cool, and ceaselessly sexy. When he posed for this shot for Cosmopolitan magazine in 1972, it wasn't some cheap PR stunt. It was a wry commentary on the emerging sexual revolution," wrote actress Marlo Thomas. "Farewell, Burt Reynolds. Thank you for the wonderful fun memories."


"I did 2 films with Burt Reynolds. As an artist he lived in a state of tension between needing to be taken seriously while seeing the total silliness in it al," added actor Peter MacNicol. "Hilarious, self-mocking & streetwise, his sly, smiling style felt like a seduction. By any measure an American original."

At this time, no funeral or memorial arraignments have been announced.