Abby Lee Miller Offers Prison Advice to Felicity Huffman After Sentencing

Following the news that actress Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in jail for her role in the recent collage admissions scandal, Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has offered the star some helpful prison advice. According to PEOPLE, Miller — who served eight months behind bars for bankruptcy fraud — was asked about the situation while in attendance at the Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday. In response to reporter's questions, Miller offered, "Well the first day going in is the most stressful, then after that, she is going to be in a big, huge room with bunk beds, tons of them. That's where they first put you to get acclimated to the prison life."

"She's not going to get a job because she won't be there long enough," Miller added. "She's not going to learn how to be a plumber and how to do HVAC and how to do all the things that you have to do to go over to the men's prison's and do."

"That's why they have camps. That's why women are in a prison so we can go make lunches when they all get in a fight. It's ridiculous. It is the most absurd nonsense you have ever seen in your life," Miller also said.

Huffman pleaded guilty to the conspiracy to commit mail fraud charge against her, and was given the prison sentence last week. She will reportedly begin it near the end of October.

"The sentence Felicity received today is not about a victory or a defeat," a source close to the actress told PEOPLE of how she views the situation. "She is not disappointed or relieved about the outcome. She is contrite and humbled and accepts the outcome."

Regarding her own prison stay, Miller said that she used the time to "work" on herself since her "life was dedicated to other people's children."

"I made other people's children stars and financially set for the rest of their lives," she also said, later sharing, "I took a real estate class. I took a finance class. I made friends with women that I don't think should have been there either."


Photo Credit: Getty Images