Aaron Carter Reiginites Family Feud With Brother Nick, Says He Hasn't Met Backstreet Boys Star's Son

Aaron Carter seemed to reignite his family feud with his brother Nick Carter on Sunday morning in [...]

Aaron Carter seemed to reignite his family feud with his brother Nick Carter on Sunday morning in an intense Twitter diatribe. The singer and one-time teen heartthrob was on an early morning flight this weekend, and he was completely transparent with fans online. Perhaps too transparent, as he started to take shots as his older brother.

Carter was online early in the morning on Sunday, flying from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport back to Los Angeles, California. In one of his first posts of the morning, he wrote that he was "looking forward to spending some time w my friends with my dirt bikes my mother and my music."

Over the next hour, the pop star went on to share a love-fest with fans, tweeting about his recovery from drugs, his religious faith, his upcoming work, his love life and his supportive family. He named his mother a few times throughout these tweets, but not his brother.

At least one fan sensed a subtle diss somewhere in these tweets. The user posted in Portugese but according to Twitter's translate function they saw Carter's tweets as "quoting Nick and marking him unnecessarily," adding: "If you don't get along with Nick that's fine. But can you let him live his life?"

"Nick and I don't know each other," Carter replied. "I haven't even met my nephew and I just want you to know Oden [sic] even though I might never know you I love you."

Backstreet Boys frontman Nick Carter has one son, 3-year-old Odin Reign Carter. The toddler features prominently in his parents' social media posts, but according to Aaron Carter, they have never met. His post about Nick and Odin sparked a whole new conversation in his mid-flight Twitter spree.

"I already saw your picture with Odin," one fan argued, according to Twitter's translation.

"Show me a picture of me an ODIN my (supposed) FAMILY? who has all had their own shortcomings and shuns me!? My mother!? My Sister Bobbie Jean?" Carter wrote. "Also this is my account, I fully support the constitutions. Did you forget Nick's book with Dr. Phil about all his families' shortcomings?"

"Why don't you tell Nick to keep his families' shorcomings out of books then KNOWING THEY CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES..." Carter went on. "To make a profit off of their shortcomings? I'm too smart for this. TRUST ME."

Soon, fans cast so much doubt on Carter's claim that even he began to second guess himself. They claimed to have seen pictures of him holding Odin on Instagram in the past. Others argued that it was his sister's baby. Either way, Carter said if he had met Odin in the past he had not been himself due to his drug use.

"Didn't have him when I was sober... I don't remember," Carter wrote. "Then I'm shunned. And told to keep things off of social media but Nick can write a book knowing his family, (BESIDES ME) can NOT defend themselves? I forget Nick never got into any trouble in his life. My bad. Gtfo here."

This was a sharp turn from Carter's initial love-filled attitude in the early morning, and it only got worse from there. In subsequent tweets he lashed out at fans, directed them to call mental health recovery hot lines and became furious at any insinuation about his family.

"THIS IS MY FAMILY NOT YOURS," Carter wrote, adding the hashtag "Tea." He claimed that his mother had never met Odin either, and later said that she currently works as a server at a Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

Carter advised one fan to unfollow him, "go to a backstreet boy concert" and leave him alone, adding: "I have freedom of speech." He then asked if that fan was scared, and if they were "trying to protect something!? Cause I have been for years."

Carter even wrote that his fans "aren't backstreet boy fans," and suggested that the "truth" behind his family and his story would be revealed in his upcoming music.

"You are NOT my fans I'm on the edge now and about to spill the tea on all of this," he warned. "Nick and Lauren KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!"

"I look forward to letting my brothers fans go, and and having a power you're all clearly in fear of. Just waiting for my cease and desist so I can show that to you and prove my point. I'm so done with fake ass fans and fake ass people," Carter concluded. "GOOD RIDDANCE."

Carter's new single, "Pyro," will be released on Friday, Sept. 6.