Aaron Carter Addresses 'Shocking Drug' Allegations With Video of Drug Test Amid Family Drama

Aaron Carter is setting the record straight and hitting back at recent reports that he is abusing multiple substances. After an outlet published a story alleging that Carter could be seen on video with a "suspicious white line" that they subtly alluded to being drugs, Carter took to Instagram with the results of a drug test to prove his haters wrong.


"[Radar Online], your 'shocking drug' post about me was desperate and completely misleading to whatever readers you have left these days. proving you idiots wrong will NEVER get old to me. so shut the f— up already with your bullshit," he continued. "and if you listen really close... you'll hear all this money piling up in my bank account. Back to work."

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"Ugh, Radar Online, I'm just letting you know that I'm taking a drug test right now. It says for amphetamines, cocaine, MDMA, meth, opiates, PCP, and THC," Carter can be heard saying in the video before taking the test, which showed negative results for each substance other than THC.

"Please shut the f— up and stop what you're doing," he continued in a second video showing the results.

"There's a lot of truth about fake news and by attacking celebrities its terrible. I'm fighting back and that makes me stronger than most. Don't ever question me again," he captioned the second video. "it's not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be."

The "Sooner Or Later" singer's outrage stemmed from a Tuesday, Oct. 16 published Radar Online story titled "Aaron Carter's Suspected Drug Video: See A Credit Card & Suspicious White Line." In the story, the outlet alleged that "footage shows what appears to be paraphernalia during wild rant" and that "a credit card and suspicious white line was spotted on" the singer's table in a recent posted video.

Although rumors have swirled in recent weeks that Carter could potentially be abusing drugs, largely stemming from concern over the recent drama with his siblings, who have taken out restraining orders against him, his tattoo artist, Herchell Carrasco, recently told TMZ that a recent trip to his home showed nothing out of the norm.


Carrasco had visited Carter on Friday, Sept. 27 to ink the singer's brand new face tattoo. During his time at the home, he claimed that he only saw Carter smoking cigarettes and marijuana and saw no evidence of other substances in the home.

Carter himself even recently told reporters that he has been "privately" seeking professional help for more than a year and had "already tapered off Xanax for five days."