'7th Heaven' Star Beverley Mitchell Reveals Newborn Daughter Was Hospitalized After Fever, 'Spike in Heart Rate'

Beverley Mitchell was struck by "crippling" fear last week when her newborn daughter, Mayzel, needed to be taken to the emergency room. The 7th Heaven actress, 39, shared the scary story with her followers Thursday, posting a photo of her little girl connected to numerous monitors and tubes in the hospital.

"Last week had me rattled," the actress, also mother to Kenzie, 7, and Hutton, 5, captioned the photo. "[Mayzie] had a spike in her heart rate on her @owletcare monitor overnight, then the next day she was out of it, not wanting to eat, very sleepy, barely awake and her eyes would not focus and fully glassed over. Then add a slight fever and I was a mess."

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Mitchell added she was "concerned" about going to the emergency room during the coronavirus pandemic, but decided to take her daughter into the ER after "a few phone calls with [her] angel friends." After an EKG and blood work came back "fine," Mitchell said she didn't regret making the call to take her baby in. "I was grateful to find that she was given a clean bill of health and honestly gave me a chance to breathe," she wrote. "That helplessness and fear was crippling and being unable to figure out what was wrong made me feel powerless."

Mitchell reflected, "Allowing myself to rely on others is hard for me, I don’t ask for help, I just handle it, but this experience humbled me. It reminded me that I DO have a tribe, people who are willing to help, that I am not alone!" The mother-of-three thanked her husband, Michael Cameron, for being her "rock" during the health scare, telling him, "You hold me together and I couldn’t do this life without you! I love you babe, you are the best daddy ever!"

The actress' story garnered sympathy from plenty of her mom friends, including former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, who commented, "Oh, my gosh I cannot imagine going through that. I am so glad she is OK." Haylie Duff added, "Happy she’s ok!" while journalist Lisa Ling wrote, "Oh that little sweet baby. I’m so glad you got good care during these times. Sending you love." Mitchell announced she had welcomed her rainbow on July 19 after suffering a miscarriage two years prior. "We are over the moon and soaking up so the cuddles and showering her with kisses!" she wrote on Instagram at the time.