65-Year-Old Floyd Mayweather Sr. Reportedly Father of 1-Year-Old Girl

Floyd Mayweather Sr. appears to be the father of a one-year-old girl, in addition to one of the world's most famous boxers.

The elder Mayweather is 65 years old, but he was recently asked to take a paternity test in April, according to a report by TMZ. The results came back with a 99.99 percent chance that he was indeed the father of the baby girl, in spite of his advanced age.

The girl's mother is named Purisa Farris. She reportedly filed for child support at the beginning of 2018, but Mayweather denied parentage to the point where he was finally forced to take a DNA test. According to a report by The Source, Farris is nearly 40 years young than Mayweather, at the age of 29.

Mayweather Sr.'s representatives declined to comment on the shocking news. The story appears to have driven Farris off of all social media platforms, likely due to an influx of negative comments.

Mayweather Sr. is best known for training his son in boxing from a young age. He and two of his brothers were professional boxers in their own rights, and Roger Mayweather even won two world championships. To hear Mayweather Jr. tell it, his father was a strict trainer, who spent little time with him outside of the gym.

"I don't remember him ever taking me anywhere or doing anything that a father would do with a son, going to the park or to the movies or to get ice cream," he told New York Daily News back in 2007. "I always thought that he liked his daughter (Floyd's older stepsister) better than he liked me because she never got whippings and I got whippings all the time."

Mayweather Sr. refuted this in the same report, saying that he worked hard to provide for his son but never neglected him.


"Even though his daddy did sell drugs, I didn't deprive my son," Mayweather Sr. said. "The drugs I sold he was a part of it. He had plenty of food. He had the best clothes and I gave him money. He didn't want for anything. Anybody in Grand Rapids can tell you that I took care of my kids."

Mayweather Sr. now has a total of six children, counting the one-year-old girl. He trained his eponymous son for many of his most famous victories, including his 2015 bout with Manny Pacquiao. He is still working with athletes to this day at the Mayweather Boxing Club, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most recently, he was reportedly seen working with Chris Eubank Jr.