Selma Blair Posts Nude Barbie Doll Photo After Posting Racy Mirror Selfie Following Chemotherapy

Selma Blair is feeling cheeky these days. After sharing a photo of herself wearing nothing but a cardigan (showcasing her bare backside) over the weekend, the actress posted a photo of the "bald Barbie" version of the original snap. Thanking the Loop Loft company's Instagram account for "making my day," Blair posted a photo of a Barbie doll with no hair wearing just a sweater and holding a purse in front of her, just as Blair did in her own photo.

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"#baldbarbie #fashionweek in the valley," Blair wrote.

Many of her nearly 2 million followers took to the comments section to gush over the photo.

"Love it and YOU!" wrote Demi Moore.

"This is too incredible," wrote costume designer Johnny Wujeck.

"You wore it better," someone else cracked.

"Bum love. You started a thing," another said.

"Why are people so afraid of the human body? Why do they have so much shame toward the natural human body? So unnatural of them," someone else said.

"I’m sobbing, this is AWESOME! I shared your photo with my best friend this morning and I said how much I loved it. A portrait of a woman, it works so well. We both struggle with our given sicknesses and situations, we both find you to be a light in our (often sluggish and painful) lives. This is delightful!" another user wrote.

Blair's bare bottom photograph came about a month after she wrapped up her chemotherapy treatments for multiple sclerosis. "Portrait of a lady," she captioned the original shot.

While plenty of people praised the star for the photo, some others made it clear they thought the nudity went too fair. Blair clapped back a bit on the negative comments, explaining why she wanted to post the racy image.

"I don't get it but that's just me," one detractor wrote. "It's a tough disease but never lose your dignity, Selma. I get the shock factor though."

Blair replied, "I think it's a vulnerable, humorous, odd and interesting fashion shot. I like it."


When another user wrote that they, too, have MS but "this is too much," Blair responded, "I always liked fashion and photography. Sorry it's not your thing."

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In July, Blair said she was "being discharged from the care of an incredible team of nurses and techs and a visionary Dr. who believes in my healing as much as I do. This has been a process. And will continue to be one."