Selma Blair's Racy Mirror Photo Posted Amid Chemotherapy Has Her Social Media Comments Lit Up

Selma Blair recently posted a racy mirror photo amid going through chemotherapy, and the photo has her social media comments lit up. In the image, Blair is posed in front of a mirror while wearing nothing but a pink and green short-coat. He bare backside is exposed, but she is strategically holding a crab purse in front of herself as seen in her reflection. In the caption, Blair wrote, "Verified
Portrait of a lady. [Thom Browne NY] in [Calfornia]. Shot by [Creative Rehab NYC] [subversive] universe #barbie." So many of her followers and fans have been cheering the actress on for being so brave as to share the photo, with one person saying, "I love this so much! Screw the haters! You captured so much in this photo. Just amazing."

"I really like this pic for many reasons but I think the main reason is because it shows that no matter what u are going through you still have the ability to laugh and have fun," another person wrote.

"I've been losing my hair due to some autoimmune disease and I cry in the shower as clump after clump falls out. Thank you for showing me that bald is BEAUTIFUL," someone else offered. "But more than just the outward appearance, you show me how to be fierce! I truly admire your strength, resilience and witty humor."

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"I think this is beautiful, tasteful, and vulnerable. So what if your butt is showing? We all deal with ourselves in different ways. For instance, I have social anxiety.... How do I overcome? I get out there and force myself into these situations? Depression? I talk openly about it so it isn't taboo! My own personal disease? I open up so people know they aren't so different," one other user commented.

"We can all relate and our issues arent so different from others. This is what this photo says to me," the user added. "You put it out there to not only allow someone to relate, but to show your strength as you fight. I can appreciate that."


"We should all be this free and comfortable with who we are and how we look. Along with not caring about what others think of us," a fourth commenter wrote. "My best friend has MM, she shaved her head pre chemo, and refused to put a hat on, did the wheelchair, walker, cane she. She got all the stares, commentary, etc. she stopped caring about that stuff, fighting the battle was far more important. So as long as we stay in the light, those who stare and comment negatively can stay in the dark."

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