Derick Dillard Responds to Fan Criticism Over Wife Jill Duggar 'Promoting Sex for Money'

Derick Dillard has never been one to shy away from criticism, with the former Counting On star recently responding to a fan who accused his wife Jill Duggar of "promoting sex for money." The individual in question took a screenshot of one of Duggar's Instagram posts that included things she's been into lately such as Spicy Pictionary and Sexy Scavenger Hunts, and tweeted it to Dillard, asking him what happened to Duggar's "conservative values."

Dillard hit back at the user, saying, "She’s promoting ways to invest in healthy marriage—part of conservative values..."

"Since some of her followers thought she was hacked i would say otherwise," the user replied. "Being conservative means not openly advertising sexual positions naked strip teases sexy lingerie, you CONSERVE that for the bedroom/private... AND encouraging having 'dating' sex for MONEY #partner smh."

Coincidentally, Dillard recently penned a blog post titled "Hot Love: How to Love Your Wife Like You Mean It," which was published on the Dillard Family website this week.

In the post, Dillard wrote, "Recently Jill wrote a post on here about how wives can love their husbands, and it was apparently a really big hit. She also told me that she received a lot of feedback that the ladies would like me to write a post to husbands about how we can better love our wives. Marriage relationships are the most important relationships between humans, and I don’t think it should be a surprise that in such a sacred relationship, the work should be a two-way street."

He then went on to share some his thoughts behind the post, writing, "Love isn’t always just about having ooey gooey, warm fuzzy feelings. 'Ooey gooey' isn’t bad, but it’s kinda childish if that’s all you rely on."

"There’s a reason why my 4-year-old son names every stuffed animal he has 'Gooey.' …it’s cute, but would be weird, not to mention a barrier in his life, if he has the same-track mind in 20 years," Dillard offered. "Relationships are the same way—often times, divorce happens because of childish thoughts and selfish attitudes in relationships."


"We shouldn’t treat love the same way as two 8-year-olds on the playground or junior high 'summer love.' People either think it’s all about them, or that they need to feel some kind of 'feeling.' The truth is, love is a choice. It’s not bad to want the 'warm fuzzies,' but we should think of that as just icing on the cake," he continued.

"We’re going to need a lot more than that for a healthy, successful, and truly joyful marriage for both parties. Love often initially begins with physical attraction or likable personalities, but day-to-day love must also be a choice that we continually make," Dillard went on to say.


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