Prince Harry's Bowtie at 'Lion King' Premiere Leaves Etiquette Expert and Some Fans With Questions

Even though Meghan Markle is lauded for her fashion choices, that does not appear to have rubbed off on husband Prince Harry. When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived at The Lion King premiere in London over the weekend, his bowtie raised a few eyebrows from fans and a London-based etiquette expert.

After photos of Harry surfaced, expert William Hanson wondered if the bowtie Harry was wearing was "ready-made." He later tweeted that a friend noticed Harry was not even wearing a proper dress shirt under his jacket.

Fans had various comments for Hanson, with one suggesting he was being too harsh on Harry. After all, this was only a red carpet movie premiere, not an important royal function.

"It’s a freakin movie premiere not a royal function. Pretty sure he knows what to wear to those type of functions and he does not need your help in that area. Plus...if it was a clip on pretty sure you could not afford it!" one fan wrote.

"Shocking... and have you seen how he’s been holding a champagne glass recently?" another person joked.

(Photo: Mark Cuthbert, Getty)

"Yep but I always think of security if someone wants to grab it a clip on comes off easily," another wrote.

The Lion King premiere was the first red carpet event of its kind for Harry and Markle, who wore a black dress to the event, since they married in May 2018. It also happened just two months after they welcomed their first child, Archie.

After the premiere, video of Harry and Markle meeting Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles, who voices Nahla in the Disney remake.

Markle's openness at The Lion King premiere gave her some positive press after she made two major mistakes during Wimbledon. She was not seen at British tennis star Andy Murray's match and was accused of having security stop people from taking photos of her. Sources close to the royal family denied this though.

“It’s entirely unfair to say the Duchess was behind the request," the sources said. “Her protection officer was simply doing his job and the Duchess is only too happy to meet well wishers and members of the public when she is out and about. After the match she met and greeted several spectators and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as seeing her friend Serena Williams won her match at Wimbledon.”


The Lion King, a remake of the 1994 Disney classic, opens on July 19.

Photo credit: Simir Hussein/Getty Images


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