O.J. Simpson Creates Twitter Account, Reveals Video That's Getting Skewered by Internet

O.J. Simpson is back and hitting social media monster, Twitter as his primary avenue for interacting with the world. But from the looks of the internet’s first reactions, things are not going so great.

Shortly after midnight eastern on Friday night, Twitter got a surprise when an account from the username, @TheRealOJ32 posted video introducing himself to the network, revealing his account was the real one. The video was then pinned to the top of his profile for skeptics to catch on.

“Hey Twitter world, this is yours truly and I’m coming soon to Twitter,” Simpson said in the video, which has since raked in more than 10 million views. “You get to read all my thoughts and opinions on just about everything.”

Simpson went on to add how there are a lot of fake Simpson accounts floating around, but this one was his own.

“This should be a lot of fun. I’ve got a little getting even to do,” he said. “So God bless, take care.”

Stunned by his foray into social media, users took to the comments section to skewer the former NFL player, broadcaster and actor turned convicted robber and kidnapper — especially as some of his comments raised a few eyebrows.

Many also took notice that Simpson had chosen an odd time to launch his social profile, given that Thursday, June 13 marked 25 years since his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and boyfriend, Ron Goldman were stabbed to death outside her Los Angeles home. Simpson became the prime suspect in the 1994 murders, with his case dubbed by lawyers as the case of the century.

“How did you get the nickname OJ,” one jokingly user teased.

“Omurder, Jmurder,” another added, playing on Walt Whitman’s beloved poem, O Captain! My Captain!

“Remember when you did those murders,” another user chimed in.

“This year is getting worse and worse,” wrote another.

Others chimed in with puns aplenty, making sure Simpson did not forget the crimes that many still believe he had committed and got away with.

While he was acquitted by a jury after a lengthy and internationally publicized trial that rocked headlines for months, the families of the victims subsequently filed a civil suit against him. In 1997, a civil court awarded a $33.5 million judgment against him for the victims’ wrongful deaths.

Three years later, Simpson moved to Florida to avoid paying any more of the liability judgment, settling down in Miami. However, the 71-year-old found himself in trouble again with the law, when he was arrested in Nevada and charged with felonies of armed robbery and kidnapping in 2007. A year later, he was convicted and sentenced to 33 years in prison with a minimum of nine years without parole. He was then granted parole in 2017, with eligibility for release later that fall. He was released from prison Oct. 1, 2017.


In addition to making a mark with the U.S. legal and court system, Simpson has become a fixture in American pop culture with jabs seen in TV shows from the likes of Seinfeld and Family Guy, along with numerous parodies and quips in movies, stand-up acts and more.

Photo credit: Getty Images


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