Bindi Irwin Stirs Emotions After Sharing Heartwarming Video of Her Father

Bind Irwin’s heart still “overflows with emotion” when remembering her late father, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.

On Thursday, the young Australian conservationist took to Twitter to share a video of the late conservationist and zookeeper speaking about the ways in which his life changed following her birth.

“Every time I watch this clip my heart overflows with emotion,” Irwin wrote. “The people we love are always with us. Love lives on no matter what & I think that is the most beautiful thing about our existence.”

“Thank you, Dad,” she added. “This moment captured on camera made my whole life.

In the video, which was from an old Australian Story documentary, Terri Irwin can be seen holding a newborn Bindi as Steve, who passed away in 2006 after being pierced in the heart by a stingray when Bindi Irwin was just 8, looks down at his new daughter, going on to open up about fatherhood.

“I never wanted to be a dad,” he said. “I couldn’t really give a rip. And now I am the proudest father, I gotta tell ya.”

“I can’t dwell on her her for too long or I start bawling my eyes out,” he admitted. “When I go into the field, I have a photo of me and my daughter, and I just sit there and start crying just looking at her. Who would have thought someone as ugly as me could bring into the world something so beautiful, such a treasure.”

The video stirred emotion for more than just Irwin, though, and many fans flocked to comment on the clip, reminiscing on the late Crocodile Hunter star.

“This man was so in love with his family,” one person wrote. “watched every day with my parents [and] sisters as his family grew & he just never ran out of love to give. Always high energy & full of endless admiration for others. He was a huge inspiration of mine & as an adult I'm still inspired by him.”


“These videos make me cry,” another added. “Steve Irwin was and still is my hero and I loved watching him with his family.”

In the more than a decade since his death, Bindi Irwin, along with her brother, Robert, and their mother, Terri, have frequently reflected on Steve’s death and paid tribute to him in various ways. The Irwin family continued in Steve’s footsteps and have continued his work, the trio currently operating the Australia Zoo, where they work with various animals and promote conservation.