Kylie Jenner Sued Over 'Born to Sparkle' Cosmetics Line

Kylie Jenner is reportedly facing a lawsuit over her latest Kylie Cosmetics product, "Born to Sparkle."

The lawsuit was filed by a company called sheree Cosmetics, according to a report by The Blast. The company is going after both the Kylie Cosmetics company and Jenner herself personally, with the claim that the product name "Born to Sparkle" was stolen knowingly.

Sheree has a line called "Born to Sparkle" and another called "Born to Be Iconic," both of which have been on sale since November of 2017. The company applied to trademark the names in August of 2018. The same month, Jenner debuted her own "Born to Sparkle" products.

The lawsuit claims that Jenner and her company not only copied the name, but the entire aesthetic of their Sparkle line. Sheree notes that it "packages its products with inherently distinctive packaging, including the imprinting of quotations." Jenner's products have quotes of their own in the packaging, some of which even seem to use similar fonts.

As far as Sheree is concerned, Kylie Cosmetics has "created their own products with the imprinting of quotations, creating a likelihood of confusion in the minds of potential customers as to the source, affiliation, or sponsorship.”

Sheree's lawsuit asks Kylie Cosmetics to stop selling its "Born to Sparkle" line immediately. It is also seeking all of the profits made so far in damages, an amount that was not disclosed in the report. So far, Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics have not responded to to the lawsuits publicly.

The "Born to Sparkle" Glitter Eyes is still listed on the Kylie Cosmetics website, though the product is sold out. There is no indication of when or if the company plans to restock the product, though there are 37 mostly positive reviews on the site with fans calling for more.


"Born to Sparkle" was part of Jenner's 21st birthday collection. The reality star's birthday back in August came complete with plenty of new make-up. Jenner made a big name for herself this year when she was on the cover of Forbes for her massive personal fortune. At just 20 years old, she was nearly a billionaire, and the money has not stopped rolling in since then.

Of course, Jenner caught a lot of flack for the feature as well, since many people contested her "self-made" label. Jenner's family was already one of the most powerful media entities in the world when she came of age, and she had a huge boost from their previous successes and sacrifices.