Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin's Fiance, Still Has His Selena Gomez Tattoo

Justin Bieber may be engaged to Hailey Baldwin, but he still has the face of ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez tattooed on his left wrist.

Justin Bieber may have to be making a trip to his favored tattoo artist soon, as the 24-year-old was snapped walking through New York City with fiancé Hailey Baldwin at his side with a tattoo dedicated to Selena Gomez still very visible on his left wrist.

You can see the photos on Entertainment Tonight.

Bieber, who dated Gomez on and off since 2010 and rekindled their romance last year before eventually calling it quits for good in March, originally got the tattoo in 2013, when he and Gomez were still head over heels for one another. The image of a woman with long dark hair, a low cut top, and angel wings was thought to be a resemblance of a photo of Gomez that appeared in the July 2012 issue of Elle magazine.

While he was not shy about showing the new tattoo off, in February of 2016, he revealed that following his turbulent relationship with Gomez, he had attempted to cover it up.

“This is my ex-girlfriend, so I tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know,” Bieber told GQ.

In April 2018, he seemed to change his mind, though, proclaiming his love for all of his tattoos in an Instagram post.

“If tattoos didn’t hurt everyone would have them. Well maybe not very one!!Over a hundred hours of hart work on my body and I wouldn’t take back a single one.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART AND IVE MAde my body a canvas and it’s SO MUCH FUN,” he wrote.

While it is not known if Bieber has any intentions of covering up the tattoo, there is no doubt about his love for Baldwin, who he only started dating in June. He reportedly popped the question over the weekend while the two were vacationing in the Bahamas, and the two confirmed their engagement on Monday in separate social media posts.

Although Gomez has remained tight-lipped about her ex’s new relationship status, a source close to the “Wolves” singer said that the news has not affected her at all, and that she is focusing on her own life and friends at the moment.


“She does not care at all. What [Bieber and Baldwin] do with their lives does not impact her. Selena is in such a great place and is surrounding herself with good, positive people, and Justin and Hailey’s happiness doesn’t take away from her own happiness,” the source told Entertainment Tonight. “Things just roll off her back now. She has a much better perspective on life now that she’s removed herself from the Hollywood bubble."

Gomez was spotted relaxing with friends on a yacht on the same day that reports surfaced of Bieber and Baldwin’s engagement, and she recent debuted new long hair.