Kylie Jenner Flaunts Flat Abs in Instagram Snap

Kylie Jenner is showing off her flawless post-pregnancy body on her latest Instagram.

The reality star took to Instagram while on a beach vacation for boyfriend Travis Scott's birthday.

In the new photo, Jenner sports a black sports bra and showcases her flat tummy while posing beachside with a stunning sunset background.

(Photo: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Jenner and the rapper welcomed their first daughter Stormi Webster on February 1. While on the beach vacation, Jenner posted another Instagram to celebrate three months since her birth, sharing a full shot of storms that may be the best look at the baby fans have gotten yet.

In early April, Jenner said she still has post-baby weight to lose after giving birth to daughter Stormi with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott on Feb. 1.

"I need to lose 20 pounds but this just looks too good!" she said in a Snapchat video that showed someone serving her a tray of rolls. In March, Jenner revealed that she gained about 40 lbs. during pregnancy during a Q&A session with her Twitter followers.

Sources previously told PEOPLE that Jenner is already working to get back to her pre-pregnancy body because she wants to be a “really hot young mom.”

"Kylie is already starting to work out," the insider said. "She's focusing on getting her body back and also getting back to a comfortable weight aside from caring for Stormi," adding that the 20-year-old “wasn't the most comfortable while pregnant."

"Kylie wants to be a really hot young mom and is making sure that happens," the source dished, adding that as Jenner gets further along in her mommy transformation, she will be "flaunting her progress more and more."

The new mom also recently opened up about the challenges of motherhood in an interview with sister Kim Kardashian West.

When Kardashian noted that "the early stages of motherhood are challenging," Jenner shared that her experience has been just the opposite.


"I feel like it's just been so amazing, and so much fun," the Kylie Cosmetics founder shared. "I’m learning so much more about myself and life, and it’s been such a great experience. Of course there’s hard times and stuff… even in the beginning, just not sleeping, the nights, like, baby blues… and all the ups and downs. And also even when I’m here it was so hard to leave this morning. I’m like, 'I'll be right back, I'm so sorry, I have to leave!' and she doesn't even know what's going on."

She continued, "I think about her all the time, anywhere I am. I would rather be with her or wish she can come everywhere. I can’t wait till she can come everywhere with me, because right when she’s old enough I’ll bring her everywhere."