Kathy Griffin Blasts President Trump in Profanity-Laced Rant on 'The View'

Kathy Griffin appeared on The View on Monday, where she defended her jokes about President Donald Trump with a number of frank, profane remarks.

Griffin was promoting the North American leg of her Laugh Your Head Off tour, a grim reference to the joke that got her into so much trouble one year ago. The show replayed Griffin's original apology, where she said that it was wrong of her to post an image of herself holding a model of the president's severed head online.

"I'm here! I'm alive! I'm just glad to be alive," Griffin said. She sang an entirely different tune than the one in the year-old video.

"I take the apology back," she declared.

The crowd cheered wildly at this. Griffin has had a massive year, taking her Laugh Your Head Off show on tour throughout 15 different countries. In the process, she has reversed her apologetic tone, going after the Trump administration and many other larger entities in her biting humor.

She discussed the transition with the hosts of The View, starting with the day she posted the inflammatory picture.

"That day, as crazy as it was -- and trust me, no joke, I was in a ball, sobbing, 'everything is over,' all this other stuff," she said. "Then, I had to spend two hours convincing my mother that I have not been recruited by Al Qaeda!"

However, as she calmed down, Griffin said that she was able to take a step back and look at the situation more objectively. She believed that she was being made into a scapegoat.

"I found out that I was just kind of part of the Trump wood chipper -- which Michelle Wolf is in now," she said. "I didn't know they had this apparatus already set up, before my silly picture of a five dollar Halloween mask and ketchup. I wanted to make a statement about what a misogynist he is."

"Also, I remembered the eight years of the photos of Obama-lynching, and nobody said anything!" she added. "That was all okay. That was on Facebook."

While Griffin was able to forgive herself, she admitted that she had a hard time escaping the perception that she her joke had constituted a real threat.

"I then got a call the next day from the Department of Justice, and I was under a two month federal investigation for conspiracy to assasinate the President of the United States," she said dropping an F bomb to punctuate the revelation.

"I like to say, I wasn't Dixie Chick'd, I was Dixie d—ed," she said.


Griffin said that the investigation made her tour incredibly difficult, claiming that she was detained at every national border she tried to cross. She said that now, she's all the more determined to go after the Trump administration in all of her material.

"I just want to live. I just want to live and tell my d— jokes, that's all I want to do."