Nicole Brown Simpson's Sister Supports New O.J. Simpson Documentary

Denise Simpson is in support of FOX's upcoming two-hour special O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?

The special will re-examine the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, Brown's sister, who was murdered in 1994. It consists mainly of a 2006 interview with O.J. Simpson, who many still believe murdered his wife, despite being acquitted over twenty years ago. The interview has been shelved for years, as public outcry forced FOX not to air it. On Sunday, March 11, they're finally putting it out.

Denise Brown told The Blast that she gave her blessing for the special to be aired, partially because "I think so much time has passed," and she said that she's already endured "all the shows that were done without anyone caring about what we thought."

By "we," the outlet says she means her family as well as the family of Ron Goldman, who was also killed that night.

However, many feel that the interview is a dubious source of information. It was conducted by Judith Regan, a book publisher who helped released O.J. Simpson's sensationalized book If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer. Like the book, the interview contains a "hypothetical" description of the murder.

Sources who have seen the recording told TMZ that Simpson begins describing the scene in the third person, but slowly lapses into a first person narration. He also reportedly said that there was an accomplice with the killer, and that he "blacked out" during the infamous murder.

Those who have seen the interview told the outlet that it includes a "confession of sorts," though nothing that constitutes a real legal confession. The program will be hosted by Soledad O'Brien. It's unclear what footage will play a part in the special besides the long-shelved interview.

Those who got an early look said that Simpson describes an accomplice travelling to his wife's home with the murderer. He narrates the two of them heading to her house in the infamous white Bronco to "scare the s— out of her." Simpson's "hypothetical" killer had a knife with him, and wore a hat and gloves for dramatic effect.

As Simpson lapses into first-person, he reportedly describes himself looking into his late wife's window. He sees burning candles, and assumes that she's awaiting another man. At that point, Ron Goldman shows up, planning to return a pair of sunglasses that Nicole Brown Simpson's mother forgot at the restaurant.


According to Simpson's account, he "blacked out," only to wake up later covered in blood.

The interview airs on FOX on Sunday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET.