Jenna Dewan Tatum Told to 'Stop Experimenting' With Face After Posting Instagram Snap

Jenna Dewan Tatum looked fiercer than ever at the premiere of World of Dance this week and shared her dreamy look on social media on Tuesday evening.


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Most fans oohed and aahed over the 37-year-old mom's possibly Darth Vader-inspired ensemble, with comments like "Darth Vader vibes" and "If Vader wore a dress."

"Fierce!!!" one excited fan wrote.

"Looks like a feminine Darth Vader dress!! Love it!!!" someone else said.

"Darth Vader's other daughter," another wrote.

"What!!! This is SLAY material," someone commented.

However, as often goes with celebrities, not all the comments were positive. Many people wrote that Tatum didn't look like herself, even going so far as to imply that she should stop "experimenting" with plastic surgery.

"Doesn't even look like you," one person said.

"That's you?!!" another wrote.

"Is this at Madame Tussaud’s?" someone asked, implying the photo was actually of a wax figure.

"You`re naturally beauty, so you have to stop experimenting with your face because you do not look like you anymore," another person wrote.

And others wondered where famous husband Channing Tatum was in the photo.

"Where's Channing? Are you guys okay? Barely see anything of you two??" someone wrote.

"Have you Botox ?" one person asked, while tacking on: "channing and you okay??"

While Tatum has not responded to trolls asking about plastic surgery or wondering why her husband isn't by her side at all hours of the day and night, it's not the first time her followers have left those types of comments.

Last week she posted a precious photo of herself and two friends sitting in her bed, leading to many wondering why Channing Tatum wasn't in the photo.

As some of Dewan-Tatum's fans pointed out, the simple answer is that the couple doesn't love social media.

"Channing doesn't really like social media, so that's why he isn't featured in Jenna's photos very much," one astute user wrote. Another mockingly wrote "wHeRE IS cHaNniNg?!!!111!1!1... how do you not get annoyed by that?"

It's true that Channing Tatum himself isn't a big user of social media. He has all the appropriate accounts, but only seems to use them to promote products, projects and public appearances. His personal Instagram is full of plugs for his vodka brand, Born and Bred. It also contains a number of video clips showing the actor riding dirt bikes and motorcycles, though they're all promoting longer video series available elsewhere.

A few days prior to Dewan Tatum's "threesome" photo, fans wondered if she got a nose job after she shared a photo from her high school days.

Some fans loved the candid, dated throwback with her pleated cheerleader's uniform and embroidered socks, but other fans were distracted by Tatum’s changing look.

"New nose now?” a nosy fan wondered. Another added, “Def had her nose done and other work.”

“Love you girl!! Did you have a nose job when you grew up? Fabulous either way,” one asked.

Tatum has never publicly admitted to having work done, so fans will have to keep guessing on whether her changing look is natural or by the work of cosmetic enhancements. The Step Up star has been also accused in the past of having work done on her breasts and cheeks, as well as botox injections.