David Copperfield Accused of Drugging and Assaulting 17-Year-Old Model

Famous magician David Copperfield wrote a lengthy post regarding false sexual assault allegations, hinting another one against him would be coming soon and now it's here.

In a report from The Wrap, former model Brittney Lewis claims that Copperfield drugged and sexually assaulted her when she was 17 years old back in 1988.

The two reportedly met in Atami, Japan in September 1988 at the site of the "Look of the Year" modeling contest. The Wrap claims to have interviewed Lewis' high school best friend, her ex-husband and her grandmother (who was her primary caretaker at the time), all of whom said Lewis told them about Copperfield's actions decades ago. Lewis claims she brought the accusations to the FBI back in 2007.

The Wrap claims Copperfield's lawyer, manager and publicist were all contacted on Tuesday for comment, but none of them responded.

Copperfield's post mentioned his support of the #MeToo movement and how the last time he was assaulted of sexual misconduct the accusations were proven to be false.

"I’ve lived with years of news reports about me being accused of fabricated, heinous acts, with few telling the story of the accuser getting arrested, and my innocence,” Copperfield wrote. "Knowing that false accusers can negatively impact the believability of others and are a true disservice to those who have been victims of sexual misconduct, I didn’t draw attention to it.

"Three years and hundreds of stories reported on a false claim investigated by the FBI, where the end result was that the accuser was caught by law enforcement making the same false claim about another man," Copperfield said. "The proof was on tape. The accuser was arrested and charged."

Prior to The Wrap's report being released, Copperfield asked that his fans to "always listen, and consider everything carefully, but please for everyone’s sake don’t rush to judgment."