Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech Want to Get Engaged

Brielle Biermann is just 20 years old, but she swears she's found the one in her minor league pitcher boyfriend, 21-year-old Michael Kopech.

In fact, the reality fixture told Entertainment Tonight that the couple are talking about an engagement and looking at rings.

"I send him rings all the time. I sent him a ring the other day and he said, 'That's horrible!' and I said, 'Well, it's not for you. Why do you care?' And he said, 'I like every other ring you usually send me, just not this one,' " Biermann recalled.

"I used to just want a round diamond, but now I want [a ring] like Kim [Kardashian West]. No that big, but I like the shape, how it's a small band with a diamond. Just one. In that shape," she explained.

Biermann did admit that there's one thing holding the couple back — the fact that she's still living at home with her parents, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann.

"I just think that I need to move out first...I think [Michael and I] both agree that that is the main thing right now," Biermann said. "[My mom is] crying, she's so upset, she's like, 'You're not moving out, you can't go anywhere!' and it's like, I have to grow up at some point."

"Kroy and my mom can't really say much because they did everything backwards. They had KJ, moved in together, then got married," Biermann pointed out. "But I do value and respect their opinions."

The Don't Be Tardy cast member added that she wants to live on her own before moving in with her boyfriend, to "see the real world and not depend on someone."

For now, the two are focused on their long-distance relationship.

"It's really easy. I think we see eacho ther a lot more than most long-distance relationships," Biermann said. "It's not work. It's really easy. We know each other's schedules and what's going on and I think communication is all at the end of the day that keeps a relationship strong. He's really good at communicating. Me, I'm the worst."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @briellebiermann