Watch Aaron Carter React to His HIV Test Results

Aaron Carter went on The Doctors to receive STD testing and seek medical advice from the on-air team this week. One of Carter's biggest worries was that he may have contracted HIV, due to his problems gaining weight.

"I got so skinny, and I'm still so skinny," Carter said. "That was the biggest one for me."

Luckily for the pop singer, his results came back negative. As shown in the clip above, he was visually relieved to hear the news and even says, "Oh my God," when the doctors gave him the results.

"Sorry, my heart is just, like ... you gotta understand out there," he said. "It's giving me anxiety. My heart is racing. I did not take any medications before I came here, actually in a couple of days, because I wanted to wean myself off of this."

However, the news wasn't all good. The team let him know that his immune system is very damaged and his well-being is at risk.

"Listen up here, this is really important," Dr. Jorge Rodriguez said. "You may be negative, but your system is so weak that it can't fight off a yeast infection."

Dr. Travis Stork also gave an interview with ET about Carter's health. Stork claimed that Aaron is taking a mix of prescription drugs similar to what his late sister, Leslie Carter, overdosed on in 2012.

"I don't know that Aaron quite grasps that the same thing could happen to him," Stork said.



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