'Yellowstone': Cole Hauser's Son Looks Just Like Him in Football Senior Night Photos

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser's son Ryland looks just like his dad in some new football senior night photos. The pictures were shared by Ryland's mom, Cynthia Hauser, who tagged him in the post and added a hashtag for "football life." Fans of Hauser can check out all the photos below which also include some of Ryland's teammates and the couple's youngest, Steely Rose.

Many Instagram users have since commented on the post, with one writing back, "Congrats Ryland to you and your team on the win. Great pictures, thank you for sharing, Mrs. Hauser. I love your dress and Steely looks so cute in her very stylish pant suit." Someone else added, "What wonderful photos!! Wherever Ryland ends up, that college will be blessed for sure! Can tell how much Steely loves her big brother. So Sweet!" One last user offered, "I know you're one proud Mama of Ryland as you should be!! You can tell the love y'all have for each other! Steely looked so grown up and beautiful in her suit!! Congratulations to Ryland and his teammates!!"

Notably, Hauser is not in the photos, but that could possibly be due to Yellowstone's filming schedule. In the show, Hauser plays Rip Wheeler, the ranch foreman at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, and right-hand man to Kevin Costner's John Dutton. Rip has been dedicated to the Dutton's for many years, and in Season 4 he became an official member of the family by marrying Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) The show is set to premiere its fifth season on Nov. 13.

Fans of Yellowstone have been eagerly awaiting the new season, which executive producer David C. Glasser says will "immediately surprise everybody." Speaking to TV Insider, Glasser teased, "Episode 1 will immediately surprise everybody – where our story starts and what has happened." While he didn't offer too much in the way of specific details, Glasser did reveal that the show will have some previously unseen settings. "We visit some new and amazing Montana locations," he said.

Sheridan has also dropped some hints about Season 5, recently saying that they may be "taking chess pieces off the board" in Season 5, implying that some characters may be leaving the Dutton ranch. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Sherdian explained his approach to the new episodes by saying, "If you look at everyone as a chess piece in Season 5, it is impossible to keep playing the game without taking chess pieces off the board." He did not elaborate on whether or not that means characters will simply be exiting the show or if they'll be killed off.