Watch: Mark Consuelos Gets Incredibly Heated During Son’s Wrestling Match

A new video shows Mark Consuelos getting seriously angry at his son's wrestling meet. The actor ran out onto the floor as his 16-year-old son got into a slapping match with his opponent. Other parents were not happy with Consuelos' behavior.

The video published by TMZ shows Consuelos and Kelly Ripa's son, Joaquin, squaring off against another wrestler at a high school meet on Long Island. As they get into it, however, Joaquin's headgear quickly gets ripped off, and the match devolves into hitting rather than wrestling.

Even the man recording the match is surprised, although he is more surprised as Consuelos rushes out onto the floor. The Riverdale star may have been trying to stop the fight, although he stopped short of touching either boy. Still, the officials in the gym had to physically push Consuelos back to get him off the mat.

Witnesses claimed that Ripa was on the scene as well, but she stayed calm and did nothing as Consuelos reacted. They also noted that the kids themselves were more calm and controlled than anyone, and both were credited for their sportsmanship.

Joaquin reportedly lost the match in the end, and witnesses said that Consuelos was furious. The actor reportedly left the gym to cool off, not returning until hours later for the rest of the all-day tournament.

So far, Consuelos has not responded to the video of his encounter, nor has Ripa. The two are happy parents to three children, Joaquin being the youngest. His older siblings are 22-year-old Michael Joseph and 19-year-old Lola Grace.

Consuelos and Ripa met in the mid 1990s while co-starring on the soap opera All My Children. They acted out their on-screen drama in real life, eloping about a year after they had begun dating.


These days, their family life is of great interest to fans, who listen to Ripa discuss it every morning on Live! with Kelly and Ryan. The two live in a lavish Manhattan mansion which they bought in 2013 for $27 million. Their home is decked out for the holidays, as fans have been following both on TV and on social media.

Consuelos has played Hiram Lodge, a driving antagonist for Riverdale since the very beginning, and he played a big role in the ending of Season 4. With the show now on a prolonged break, many fans are dying to see what he has been coking up when Riverdale returns in the fall of 2020.