Shawn Johnson East Pregnant With Baby No. 2

Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East are adding another member to the family! The Olympic gold medalist and her husband, parents to 14-month-old daughter Drew Hazel, shared their big baby news on Instagram Friday, posting a photo of Shawn kissing her husband as she cradles her growing stomach. "Here we go again," she captioned the announcement, which also included a family photo with baby Drew.

The couple shared the moment they learned they would be parents a second time over on YouTube, with Shawn showing her husband the positive pregnancy test. "I freakin' knew you were!" he replied, which the athlete joked was the "worst response" as they celebrated the life-changing news. The expectant Olympian shared that the due date was summer 2021, and both she and Andrew guessed they would be having a baby boy.

"If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, if you're trying to adopt, if you're in the process of expanding your family or recently suffering from a loss, we are praying for you. All those beautiful babies out there, all those rainbow babies, all those babies in heaven," Shawn tells her followers at the end of the video. "We love you guys."

The couple had hinted there was big news coming down the line for them on Jan. 2, sharing on a reflective of their 2020 together on YouTube, "Despite everything, we found the silver lining.... 2021, we're excited for ya! Happy New Year everyone." Having a young child amid the coronavirus pandemic has been difficult, Shawn told PopCulture in April, but staying "distracted" with their YouTube channel and podcast has helped the time go by.


"Outside of that, we are doing a ton of puzzles and cooking at home, and we do go for walks around the block and around our little neighborhood," she added. Despite the hard times, Shawn said being a mom was the "greatest, most amazing job" she'd ever had "in [her] entire life," sharing that she never could have imagined how much she would love motherhood. Being a mom amid a pandemic is no joke either. "You already worry about so much about the decisions you're making on your baby's behalf on a daily basis," she continued. "Now trying to protect them from illness is terrifying as well, so it just kind of adds to the stress."