Kim Kardashian's Daughter North West Wears Her Mom's High Heels

North West literally took a walk in mom Kim Kardashian's shoes on Thursday — and in her envious closet, nonetheless.

In a tweet shared this week, Kardashian shared a photo of North's tiny feet in a pair of Kardashian's fiery heels.

"North in my closet," Kardashian wrote of her 5-year-old daughter, as she posed in front of Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton handbags.

It's clear that Kardashian and Kanye West's eldest child is interested in high fashion — just like mom and dad. And last month, fans learned she had another interest in common with her mom, which included tons of makeup.

In a series of Christmas photos Kardashian shared of her, West, North, 3-year-old Saint and 11-month-old Chicago, North rocked a fun lipstick color along with her holiday outfit.

After some internet trolls said that North was too young to be sporting makeup, with many calling it "inappropriate," Kardashian defended her little girl, indicating that North was excited to dress up.

"She picked it though! It's a special occasion!" the KKW Beauty mogul tweeted.

It seems North has always been interested in makeup.

"Every night we play, after her bath, in bed, and you know my purse is always kind of by my nightstand, so she always says 'purse!' So she grabs my purse, and that means she wants my makeup bag, so I give her my makeup bag and it's empty," Kardashian once shared with ELLE. "And if I just turn around for one second, she has my lipstick like all over her face.

"So I have to give her her own little makeup bag. She's obsessed with makeup and watching me get ready and getting ready herself. She just loves the process, she could not be more ultimately girly-girl."

North may be getting another younger sibling, as several media outlets have reported that Kardashian and West are expecting baby number four via surrogate this year. Although the pregnancy is unconfirmed by either parent so far, Kardashian has spoken in the past about wanting four kids — but that four would be her limit.

"I don't think I could handle more than that," she told ELLE previously. "My time is spread really thin. And I think it's important that in all couples, the mom gives the husband as much attention as the kids."

One source even told PEOPLE that her and West have "always wanted" two boys and two girls — and baby number four just happens to be a boy.

"They've always talked about wanting four kids: two boys and two girls," the insider said. "That's always been the plan."

Although the couple is reportedly using a gestational carrier again, just as they did for Chicago, who was born last January, they were unable to use the same woman who carried Chicago because she was pregnant with her own child.


Kardshian told ELLE that although she frequently uses the term "surrogate," that the correct term was "gestational carrier," since "it's completely my and Kanye's DNA."

"I hated being pregnant," she said, referencing her intense complications during her pregnancies with North and Saint. "But as much as I hated it, I still wished I could have done it on my own. The control is hard at the beginning. Once you let that go, it's the best experience. I would recommend surrogacy for anybody."