Kelly Clarkson's Son Hilariously Interrupts Chris Martin During Song for Bathroom Break

Kids really do say the darnedest things. Kelly Clarkson's son, Remington Alexander, didn't shy away from sharing his thoughts on national television while Chris Martin was singing. Clarkson's show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, is gearing up for Season 3 and to gave fans a quick teaser on what to expect when they shared a hilarious clip to their official Twitter account. They shared a clip of the Coldplay frontman singing the band's famous song "Yellow" when Remington announced that nature was calling. 

"I need to go to the bathroom," Clarkson's son said with a smile on his face as the audience and Clarkson burst out in laughter. What made it so hilarious is not that he simply announced it, but it was in the middle of Martin singing. The camera immediately showed Clarkson's reaction and with her daughter, River Rose, by her side, she leaned back in her chair dying of laughter. The reactions were hilarious online as Twitter users flooded the comment section to share their thoughts. One person wrote, "He heard the word 'yellow' and was like 'oops I need to pee'." Someone else said, "Don't feel bad @kellyclarkson, those of us parents have been there and feel for ya!" 

Clarkson shares her two beautiful children with her estranged husband, Brandon Blackstock. In 2020, it was announced that Clarkson and Blackstock would be getting a divorce, and while Clarkson has spoken on the topic a few times, she hasn't gone into too much detail. In November,  the singer was granted custody of her two children and was "pleased" with the outcome. "As Kelly has said, her first priority in all of this is to take care of the kids and all the hearts that are involved in this divorce," a source said according to PEOPLE. "It's been a hard time for everyone, but Kelly's pleased with the court's ruling regarding custody." 

"Divorce is hard, and it gets tense for most couples going through it. But Kelly's primary focus is on doing the best she can to protect the kids," the insider continued. "In this case, she had to fight for them since Brandon and his attorneys were making unreasonable requests." There has also been a lot of back and forth in regards to the couple's Montana ranch, which has been awarded to Clarkson, but is where Blackstock lives.